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Just came across this new track through Arjan.  This electro pop duo from Brooklyn have been busy lately working on tons of new music.  As they explain, their new single Stay Awake  “tells a story about unexpectedly meeting someone special, and finding yourself on an adventure with them. Afraid that this spontaneous connection wont last beyond the night, you fight to keep the adventure going.” Check out Stay Awake below!!

digging them up more, I also came across an awesome remix of their song Here Now  by Toronto rapper iSH which results in an upbeat song about a relationship gone wrong. You can check that out below!

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STORi (2)

I hadn’t heard of STORi until today, but I have to say I’m happy I came across her stuff. The young New Jersey natives ability to paint pictures with her edgy lyrics and rhythmic melodies instantly grab the attention of any first time listener.    Her track Just Another Day is an ode to New Jersey and Queen Latifah and has a real throwback vibe to it.

 I think what’s most impressive about STORi is how easily she goes from a Hip Hop song like Just Another Day to a smooth R&B cut like  Jump Off To Lovers. It’s safe to say STORi is one to look out for!



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