Ginette Claudette

ginette claudette

Ginette Claudette has been on our radar for quite a while now. She recently released a fantastic mixtape titled Everythings Coming Up Roses which you can download for FREE right HERE  . Fade is the first release from her debut project, the song was written by Ginette and produced by August Rigo  (who has written hits for tons of heavy weights *ahem Justin Bieber for example. ) Fade really showcases her talent as not only a phenomenal singer but also an extremely talented song writer. FYI: she also wrote No Such Thing As Too Late for Brandy. Check out the official video for Fade below.

BONUS: Check out Ginette covering the song she wrote for Brandy

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One comment on “Ginette Claudette

  1. […] also the home to August Rigo and Ginette Claudette  ( both who we previously featured HERE and HERE ). With over 2 million hits on her youtube page and the recent release of her mixtape Skye […]

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